Trust My Trade Limited (TMT)

 So why use Trust My Trade?

  • We are a complete business solution not a rating site.

  • This is a software program with the benefits of a rating site.

  • We record the work from start to completion. 

  • We do your paperwork, no more late nights.

  • Full mobile integration so you never miss a job.

  • An account hub so you have all your business in one place.

  • Emails to keep you up to date with each step

So why are we different from other companies?

·We provide the customers looking for professional traders a completely free service.

·We provide Traders

  • A smart payment system to be paid on time;

  • Paperwork, no more late nights

  • A profile page to showcase you’re business.   

  • Photo uploads to give a bigger picture of what you require.

  •  A system to phase jobs, allowing a greater control of fund management.

  • Just a few of the things we can do

About Us:

As customers and suppliers of trade we have seen that there are no systems in place to protect the two sides against a series of issues.  These issues are different to each side and that led us to want to create a company that bridges those issues. We are a small medium enterprise (SME) with big ambitions and a desire to make the trade and customer interaction safer, fairer and, easier.

Which lead us to the question?

“How can you build something that looks after the Traders and the customers at the same time?”

So we talked to traders and customers to create a comprehensive list of problems that both sides encounter, and this became the catalyst in which we created Trust My Trade.

We took the key concerns and built a system to resolve these areas:

  • Traders not getting paid

  • Customers not knowing how secure their money is.


  • We created a smart payment system that will reduce all the risks when dealing with new traders and customers.

  • Built with the highest level of security and four levels of failsafe.

  • Everything else came along from there.

  • We keep you in control.

Trust My Trade has been designed.

For the customers

  • A greater level of project management. 

  • Having access to all your resources in one place with

  • Full control of your budget.

  • Updated via email at every stage

  • Customers Service, speaking human not trade

  • Mobile friendly

  • Traders profile page to check more detail

  • Completely free

For the Traders

  • All in one resource. 

  • A tool to get work,

  • Complete control of how you do business

  • This is software not a rating site no fixing scores to to move up the board.

  • Old fashion rules with modern tech. Do good work get paid.

  • Updated via email at every stage

  • No late night paperwork,

  • Paid on time

  • Greater way to phase jobs for fund management

  • Plan you schedule

  • Can be used for your own customers  

  • Protect your funds.

  • Completely mobile

  • Hub with all your jobs recorded

  • Split payment system to pay others direct from the site

  • Customer service to free up your time.

  • Your own profile page to showcase your business

  • Save you so much time


Call us or email us [email protected] to get a better understanding of how we can improve your business. We are still growing but there are some many benefits on top of this as well.  

Trust my Trade

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